Step 1. Tell me what you need.  The easiest way to do this is for you to tell me what you need help with, do that here. That will take you just a minute, tell me briefly what you need and I’ll email you with a few thoughts. 

Step 2: If we need to go deeper than just a quick writing, we will book a discovery call when I’ll ask you to describe your business. We must speak the same language or there will be miscommunication, and what I write for you won’t sound like it came from you.  If we decide to do this, it will be about a 2-hour chargeable call, and at the end you will have a Word Storyboard that will be the foundation for all your written communication about your business. Even if we decide not to work together further, you keep the Storyboard.  

Step 3: Going forward, all the writing done for your business will be specific to you, your clients, and what you can do for them. The kind of words which bring you clients. 

And there is a bonus! You will be able to take “write the column/blog/Facebook post” OFF your to-do list. Do something nice for yourself with your free time. You deserve it for being so smart.

Click here to start. Tell me a bit about things.

Please go to read the testimonials from people I’ve written for.  Find them on the front page, or ‘home’ on this page. They are the best advertising I can use. I know that one of the main reasons people don’t  want to have someone write for them is that they fear losing their ‘voice’.  It’s my job to make sure your ideas are put forth concisely and clearly, that the writing sounds like it is YOU speaking, that it is easy for your customers to read and understand.