Who am I? I am an expert, a content writer specializing in Home Decor. From flooring to paint, drapery to floorplans, I know it.

Which is where our partnership comes in. I will share my skills with you so you can do what YOU do best —  which is run your business. And let me do the writing for you.

We’re very much alike, you know..I’m Linda Erlam, an Interior Decorator and drapery workroom owner/operator with over 25  years of experience. I’ve written a one-year college-level Interior Decorating course, I’ve written over 800 on-line How-to’s, I’ve written three books on Interior Decorating. ( Get them in the store here)

I’ve been writing a newspaper column, “Design Dilemmas”, for eight years and I’ve written an online course  — Learn to Choose WindowCoverings.

When my business needed a boost I had to learn what content writing was. At that time no one even had a name for it.

Just like you, I needed to talk to my customers, give them relevant, timely, good information. They believed in me, and I needed to keep their interest with consistent, high-quality writing.

But I had to relearn how to write– writing for the internet is not the same as writing a letter.

I had to learn how to make a website, post to Facebook, do a monthly newsletter, and navigate the minefield that is online content marketing.

Just like you, I made mistakes. I wasted time and money. I tried one thing, ditched it, and tried something else. I bought books that I never finished reading, I took online courses I never completed.

Well.. I had a business to run and I didn’t have time to learn this.

I gave up, and I rallied and tried again.  And then the lights went on: I realized that I can’t do everything.

I’d rather be an expert at one thing than OK at many.