Sometimes your customers need to know the basics, and as the expert you can guide them. Easy to read, easy to follow guides demystify decorating theory and keep your business front and center in their mind. Have the guides as a post for your website, or as a printable downloadable PDF, or both.

The advantages of an Expert Guide.

By making these expert guide PDF’s available to your readers or customers, — free of charge —  you establish yourself as the expert. It’s a simple fact that if people see it in print, they tend to give those words more credence.  So, as you are building, expanding or grooming your customer base, give them something which shows them that you are a valuable resource.

This carries with it the implication that what you say in an expert guide is true, it is accurate and it is beneficial to your customers. If necessary, back up any opinions with citations of the work of other experts. Tell your readers where they can go to get more detailed information, or read other experts takes on the subject.

Subjective and Objective.

An expert guide can contain subjective information — if the subject itself is subjective. But you should not use opinion while trying to establish a fact.

If you provide high-quality content for each expert guide, your customers, and potential customers, are more likely to return to you, and to recommend you to their friends and colleagues.

The Bracket and Finished Length Workbook

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