OK, so what IS “content writing”?

It’s writing which answers your customer’s concerns and questions, and addresses their wants and needs.

It’s writing which helps you get new customers, bring errant customers back, and keeps the current ones loyal, regular buyers.

It’s writing which shows that you are the authority in your field.

It’s writing which lets your customers know you understand their problems and have solutions for them. Solutions that are easy to get, that will last, and won’t necessitate a second mortgage.

You treat every customer equally, but you just wish you had more of them.

 I have a solution for you.

You know that advertising works. Sometimes. But your budget doesn’t always have room for as much advertising as you’d like.

You take great pride in the look of your business. You keep it clean and tidy; you make sure your customers are safe and comfortable.

You spend time training your staff, keeping their product knowledge high and their customer service beyond reproach.

You know you need to keep reaching out and you wonder if your customers even see the flyers that you pay so much to have delivered.

You wonder if they even see the newspaper ads, or hear the radio spots, or the posts in their Facebook newsfeed.

And the problem is you won’t ever really know because there isn’t a reliable tracking system to justify the high rates you pay. Did you know that well-written content will help you get you more customers and is trackable?

YOU are the expert.

You are busy running your business, what can you do to increase sales, right now? You can remind your customers that you are the expert in your field.  I can help you get that message out.

Did you know that email is still the number one method of turning people into customers?


Did you know that 60% of your potential customers will look at your Facebook page before going to your brick and mortar store?

And 80% of consumers are more inclined to purchase from you if they find a credible, authentic Facebook page associated with your business.

Let’s get your Facebook page working for you, too. Does NOT matter whether you like Facebook or not.

If you aren’t using  Facebook, you are falling behind. Sorry…….

Let’s do in-store information brochures, let’s fill your monthly newsletter with relevant interesting information, let’s make your business a place your customers know they can go for trusted information.

It looks daunting, doesn’t it? Until you realize that:

You are the expert in your field.

I am the expert in mine and I can get these things done for you.

Click here to start. Tell me a bit about things.