Jeanelle Dech. The Workroom Channel and Adaptive Textiles

My main concern having some else write for me was that the writing might not reflect the tone that I wanted to communicate, and I might pay for writing that would need to be re-done. Because of her familiarity with the industry, Linda was able to capture the essence of the message and highlight what was truly meaningful to our audience.

Before contacting her,  I would get writers’ block and be frozen when I needed to write promotional copy.  Linda made it so I could focus on other things. On a personal note, Linda was a joy to work with!

Tracy Lynn. Musician

My main concern with having someone else write for me was could they actually write to sound like me, or represent me as I wanted to be represented? Linda did that.

I would highly recommend her as a writer; she is easy to work with, has keen listening skills and a gift to translate what she hears, observes and researches onto the page. 

 She is committed to ensuring that as the client I receive material that I feel good about, and can stand behind. Linda conducts herself, writing, business practices and customer service with the highest level of integrity. I highly recommend her!

Jet Blades. Jewelry Designer

I wanted to be sure that my Jewelry company, Rapskullians, was shown to be a fun company, with jewelry anyone could wear.

We did a video as an intro to the website, sort of a video “About Page.” It was a really unusual way to open the website; Linda used one of my favorite pieces of music, and I think it really caught what we were trying to do. 

One of the best things about Linda’s writing is that it sounds like she is talking just to you.

I would recommend Linda; it was great having someone take every little idea I had for the website and bring it to life.


Dianne Parnell. Life Coach and Holistic Practitioner

I trust Linda and know that she will be honest with me, and that her writing will sound like I have done it.

I have known Linda for several years and I  admire her integrity. If she doesn’t think something will work, she will tell you why. I really appreciate that, and I would absolutely recommend her.

I like working with her, she keeps me accountable and on task.


Jami Bouvier. Fine Artist

My concern in having someone write about me was whether or not they could capture me, but do it in a personal and professional way. Linda did. What I liked most is that the content sounded as if I was talking to my audience;  the information flowed smoothly point after point.

It was a fluid, painless process to go from wanting a web page to having one. I would confidently recommend Linda to anyone who wants a Writer or coach.